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Your knees are the largest joints in your body. And because they are large joints subjected to all kinds of stresses and strains from all the things we humans do on a daily basis, they tend to get injured. Knee injuries and resulting pain are not just for the competitive athletes. People young and old can injury their knees performing everything from simple, daily household tasks to hobbies to work-related movements.

The knee is made of of several bones, cartilage, muscles, ligaments and tendons, all working together in perfect harmony when they are healthy. But when a knee injury occurs, it could mean stress or damage to any one or more of these parts, disharmony and dysfunction.

Our experienced physical therapy team knows knees better than just about anyone around. We customize treatments and tailor rehab programs for fast, long-lasting results. We continue to improve our knowledge, skills and abilities through postgraduate training and continuing education on the latest physical therapy techniques for effectively treating problems of the knee. We offer focused, hands-on care for all types of knee pain and disfunction:

  • Ligamentous Tears (e.g., ACL, LCL, MCL, PCL)
  • Chronic & Acute Pain
  • Meniscus Tears (menisci are cartilage packs in the knees)
  • Sprains, Strains & Fractures
  • Total & Partial Knee Joint Replacements

Total joint replacements are becoming more and more common, particularly in older people with arthritic joints. The bone ends of our joints are covered with smooth cartilage. Healthy cartilage allows easy, pain-free movement. But cartilage that is damaged by arthritis creates friction and makes joints stiff and painful.

Healthy joints are enclosed by fibrous tissue with a smooth lining called the synovium. Synovial fluid is produced by this tissue and reduces both friction and wear on the joints.

Over 500,000 total joint replacements are now performed in the United States annually. Total joint replacements is one of the great orthopedic surgical advances of this century. It resulted from the pioneering efforts of an orthopedic surgeon who worked with engineers to develop the technology and materials used to make joint replacements for hips, knees and shoulders.

We focus our rehabilitation programs on active techniques that enable patients to reach their maximum potential quickly and safely. Getting patients quickly back to their active lifestyle is always our first priority.

Our mission is to help people function at their best. We want to you to move without pain and get stronger so you can avoid future injuries. So what would you like to do again without pain? Play tennis or golf? Run? Walk? Participate in a team sport? Enjoy a hobby? Just get back to living?

Let our dedicated professionals help you reach your goals safely, effectively and quickly. Explore how we can help you with all your orthopedic and post-surgical rehab needs. To learn more about how we can help knee injuries and related musculoskeletal conditions, please call Orland at 530-865-8457.