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Orland Physical Therapy Testimonials

I began seeing Marc after a complicated shoulder replacement. I knew extensive therapy would be painful and absolutely essential. Marc was always professionally exacting, willing to explain procedures, and encouraging when I was discouraged. He helped design specific exercises that would allow me to continue my hobbies. He was always professional, pleasant, human and humane. I could not have asked for a better physical therapist.

Kurt G.
(Retired) - Teacher and Orchardist

At 82 years, exercising is not my favorite activity. But, after receiving a prosthetic knee, I needed to get it working well. I went to Orland Physical Therapy. Marc Foster created a program for me that worked so well I have trouble remembering which is the new knee! The month of physical therapy was well worth every minute I spent with caring people in very pleasant surroundings.

Claire S.

The patient is a 52-year-old-laborer, who was referred by his primary-care physician with a diagnosis of hip arthritis, which was confirmed by X-ray. The patient had a long history of back pain. When he came to Orland Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, he had low back pain n his right side, accompanied by pain in the right hip that traveled into his right leg just below the knee.

On the day of the evaluation, we treated the patient with large-amplitude grade II mobilizations. After manual therapy, the patient had increased quadriceps, strength and decreased hip pain with passive hip flexion. Treatment continued for 10 more visits with mobilization to the thoracic spine and stabilization for the lumbar spine. By the 11th treatment, the patient reported no pain, and he was able to resume walking, sitting and standing without discomfort.

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The patient is a 55-year-old male who works in the manufacturing sector. His job requires repetitive use and lifting of both arms. He was referred to Orland Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine by an orthopedic specialist who diagnosed shoulder impingement. He had bilateral shoulder pain that he rated 5/10 and complained of nearly constant pain down the left arm to his thumb. He awakened two or three times nightly secondary to shoulder and arm pain. He also complained of neck pain and had poor posture with a forward-leaning head and internally rotated shoulders.

After taking a thorough history, we performed a comprehensive objective examination of his arms and shoulders, with an emphasis on identifying the exact nature of his injury. Following our evaluation and testing, we treated the patient with mobilization of the shoulder, thoracic spine and neck and instructed him about postural exercises and rotator cuff strengthening with scapular stabilization protocols he could perform at home.

The course of treatment lasted approximately six weeks, at the end of which the patient was discharged with generally no pain or radicular symptoms in either arm. Active range of motion (AROM) was full and nearly pain-free. He continued to experience some shoulder weakness but was independent with home exercises for continued strengthening. Two months, post-treatment, the patient reported being back to work without increasing pain and "doing great."

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